Monday, March 20, 2006

I've Been Raped

I've Been Raped!
I woke up after the strangest dream!
The night before my wife, Penny, and I were getting it on. We were heavily involved in the foreplay aspect, when I felt the strangest sensation on my pecker. My wife was stroking me and my dick was responding, but I felt a furry thing massaging the other side. We both stopped and after some heavy breathing found out that it was our loving cat who was trying to help the situation. We had a great laugh, but went to bed frustrated.
Back to my dream. In the dream there was a knock at the front door on a Sunday morning. We answered the door and it was probably the last person on earth we expected to see. There stood my wife's childhood friend Gina. This woman married about a month before we did, and had two kids, but never had much feeling for her husband. Turns out the purpose of the visit was to intimidate Penny and me, out of pure jealousy.
Gina did not look bad, but looked a bit well-used for my taste. She wore a pair of boots in the dead of July. She had on a red miniskirt, which was about 6 inches above her knees. After a few pleasantries she produced a gun and told us the real purpose of her visit, which was for me to fuck her in front of my wife. About this time our cat sauntered out to see who the new stranger was, went to sniff Gina, who calmly kicked our kitty clear across the room. The poor cat did not move from then on.
Gina then had Penny sit in a chair facing the bed and asked me to sit on the bed. She tied Penny's hands and legs. Than she asked me to lose my shorts and shirt. I was in no position to disagree; the gun looked terribly menacing so I complied. She tied my two hands together as well as one leg to my wife's chair's leg. The other leg she knotted and inserted into the bottom draw of Penny's credenza.
She than slowly removed all her clothing and revealed parts of her to me that I never knew. She wore a low-cut blouse that left little to the imagination. First she removed the skirt, she wore no panties. She than removed the blouse which revealed an attractive set of boobs. Gina placed the gun on my bureau and started gyrating, shaking her 36C boobs in my face. She was clean shaven and gyrated her pelvic area near my face. I ignored her as much as I could. She then told us of her rules. Fill up my snatch with your juices with Penny watching and I'll leave and we will never see each other again. Anything else and I'll kill you both.
She asked me to remove my skivvies, but I couldn't because I was tied with both legs, so she found a pair of scissors and literally cut them off from me. Gina kneeled between my legs and started to lick my balls and dick. She got up and put her tits near my mouth and grabbed my head and forced me to lick, but not bite them. Her nipples started to get erect and she again dropped between my legs. She engulfed my pecker, and started to go up and down concentrating on the rim, and the vein on the underside. Maybe because I was tied up with my wife watching, I was fighting the full erection. After about fifteen minutes I could not fight the sensation and I emptied into her mouth. She swallowed it, and told us that was not the deal, and unless I get erect soon and comply to fuck her as she wanted she'll kill us both. She started to fondle my aching dick again, but with not enough time, to no avail.
By this time Penny got her hands loose. Since Gina was in a compromising position with my dick in her mouth, she never seen it coming. My wife whacked her on the head with a candlestick, we temporarily stored under her chair. Gina went out cold. My wife untied her legs and untied me. We tied up Gina, when I noticed Penny's nipples enraged. This was what my dick needed to see! We went into our guest room and fucked our brains out, and this time I filled the RIGHT cavity.
As my dream continued, we found that our cat was more dazed than hurt. We called the police, and had Gina arrested. The lesson learned that a little excitement will do wonders in the bedroom.

Two years ago my wife Toni was a private dancer. I used to ride with her to all her appointments and patiently wait in the car. Of course just like all couples fantasies were discussed with some reservations, but enough to have fun with each other. For some reason on this particular evening she was dancing for a couple. No problem - she had done this before. I just wanted to hear her stories of how the evening went with the two. As soon as her appointment was over she told me to shut the engine off.
“Huh?” I thought. She then explained to me that the couple wanted to meet me. That was cool with me, so I went inside with her and found a very nice, good looking man and his wife. Todd and Sally were very easy to talk to, although one could sense some uneasy feelings in the air. My wife pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to have some fun.
Hmmm… here was an opportunity to explore some of my own hidden fantasies. So everyone expressed their desires and questions about having sex with each other - Todd with me and Sally with Toni. No one knew where to start so I made the suggestion of playing a game of strip poker. The rules were that whoever won got to perform some type of act on whomever they wished.